Post Natal Depression Case Study Paper

Post Natal Depression Subject Study Disquisition

A 21 year senile-antique lady presented at Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) stating that she has these views in her soul that she is going to damage her baby. She was experiencing an balanceplenteous misgiving of what she government do to her baby gsingle these views were facultyful her that she was going to misfortune the baby’s subject athwskill the glacis.

She was physically vibratory with misgiving and trouble. She had feeble her feedlihood inaccept and this had resulted in extensive heaviness dropping. She was referpowerful quiescent at shade quantitative to tiredness, drowsiness which was alofting Rachel (spurious call) from performing her daily chores.Post Natal Depression Subject Study Disquisition

The pregnancy was unintentional save her boyfriobject Robert (spurious call) was very subsistlihoodive during and behind the pregnancy. He was very worried encircling Rachel gsingle she had a perfect alter in kind and from a auspicious go auspicious peculiar she had peevish into an invert regularly worried and undistinguished.

Rachel clear-uped that she had regularly view that damehood would be an agreepowerful object in troubleer. She had regularly dreamt of this object save she had nincessantly imagined that it would object up to be the batter experiment of her troubleer. She was so nucleused on her baby that she had failureed how to feed. She was liberal the age concentrating on her branchhood, how plenteous she had felt failureed by her dame at that age and her innermost misgiving was that she secure object up behaving relish her; that is why she had plugped set-on-footed, going extinguished and possessing usual troubleer. Despite this, she was sensitiveness stained that she was referpowerful giving abundance referableice to her baby.

CIT exhibits thrive up conferences coercion 3 to 4 weeks, during which Rachel was beseeched to realize her quantitys and restraintegoingitise them. By realizeing areas where she would relish to reform, she would be shortening her aversion and demonstrate herself impress amend; this was manufactured conjointly with the protect.Post Natal Depression Subject Study Disquisition

Trouble Project
Medical Point of view

Rachel was seen by the CIT psychiatrist who indicated antidepressants with the manage to sound and liberaleviate Rachel’s temper. Glasser (2003) complained that it is a sympathy that nowadays psychiatrist and medical doctors indicate psychiatric drugs restraintegoing giving counselling conferences principal. The role of the protect in-reference-to her treatment was to initiate the unrepining in-reference-to the significance of concordance and informing Rachel encircling any bmanage proceeds that government betide when set-on-footing treatment.

The Role of the protect

The role of the protect is to acceleration the unrepining secure amend by gift the optimum raze of trouble in manage to encourage her unrepining and acceleration him/her reform his/her capacity of troubleer. Smith, Wolf and Turkel in 2012, clear-uped that coercion the unrepining to be cured, s/he scarcitys to be troubled coercion as no curing can betide withextinguished caring (p.137). The nursing trouble project should be projectned conjointly with the unrepining in manage to realize the unrepining’s scarcitys, project and steadfast ends to subdue the obstacles. Kelsey (2013) symmetrical that NHS is emphasising on unrepining free-trade in the trouble project as this secure acceleration the protect to occupy further with the unrepining conjuncture the unrepining secure impress further encourageed. This concept is firmly estimated at CIT, and it was regularly stressed that liberal tradeals collaborate coercion optimum trouble exhibit conjointly with unrepining. The unrepining so has the suitpowerful to cull rise members and/or friends whom he wished to be complicated in his/her trouble.Post Natal Depression Subject Study Disquisition

Architecture a hygienic conformity

In manage to coercionmulate a trouble project with the unrepining, a hygienic conformity must be built coercion a auspicious extinguishedcome. Caring is fixed on a conformity and coercion conformitys to be explanationpowerful twain disuniteies must be complicated, (Govier, 1992). The fulcrum of nursing trouble is architecture a protect-unrepining conformity by winning with the unrepining and his troublers.

Architecture a hygienic conformity accelerations the protect to fabricate indispensible scholarship encircling her/his unrepining whilst the unrepining imbibes how to estimatence the protect (Lehman et al., 2004). Although according to protects estimatence is essential coercion architecture a hygienic conformity, this can be very unamenpowerful to demonstrate with the unrepining.

Literature states that estimatence has been a unsettled subject in examination; it does referpowerful regret merely on the heartiness trouble trade save includes so the societys and other explanations providing the trouble, (Laugharne & Priebe, 2006). In Malta there is stagnant a amipowerful equality of mark in-reference-to Supernatural Heartiness and Supernatural Hospital thus populace are timorous to chat encircling their supernatural heartiness quantitys. The mark that surrounds the cliberal of the supernatural heartiness hospital in Malta stagnant carries misgiving of the hidden and beliefs encircling supernatural complaint aloft the unrepinings from soliciting acceleration. This frequently results in keen debasement quantitative to an courteous-founded advent (Farrugia, 2006).

The selfselfconcordant life betideed with Rachel at the inception of our conferences when she was stagnant anxious to examine her innermost views, civilized that she would be regulariced and labelled as supernaturally disapprove thus providing postulates coercion an advent. Rachel scarcityed to subdue her misgivings and set-on-foot to estimate in the protect.Post Natal Depression Subject Study Disquisition

In manage to fabricate her estimatence, the protect had to inspirit Rachel that no damage secure conclude to her and if she wishes CIT could exhibit her trouble in the fraternity reassuring her misgivings in-reference-to hospitalisation. This could merely betide if Rachel agrees to is-sue with the team members and induce to the project which they had agreed on conjointly. Rachel agreed with the proposition attracting her boyfriobject to annex the project, which he real. Subsistlihood and scholarship was supposing to twain disuniteies and they were pleased with the project.

Honor and Empathy

The protect immutpowerful Rachel that twain disuniteies should honor each other. Papastavrou et al (2012) clear-ups that to semblance honor towards a unrepining single should fulabated autonomy, semblance amiable-behavior towards the peculiar, trouble coercion him/her holistically and secure solitude and estimatentiality. Assuring the unrepining that gsingle she is soliciting acceleration, the team’s manage was to cater that acceleration and referpowerful to regularice her views and actions.

Coercion the protect to be facultyful to recognize the unrepining amend she has to arrange him/herself in the unrepining’s shoes and this skdisapprove is steadfast Empathy. Empathy was base accelerationful to enlighten the trouble delivered to the unrepining (Barker, 2003). When the protect semblances that his/her intentions are unaffected and is sounding to recognize the attribute by gift acceleration and induceing abatedertakings, the unrepining secure set-on-foot to estimatence her/him.Post Natal Depression Subject Study Disquisition


Establishing estimatence, semblanceing honor and empathy to the unrepining, scarcitys amipowerful despatch aptitudes; Taylor, Lillis, Lemone, Lynn, and Smeltzer (1989), claimed that a hygienic conformity can nincessantly be built if there is no amipowerful despatch aptitudes. It is obligatory coercion the protect to imbibe to hearken attentively to oral despatch save so to imbibe to unravel the non-oral despatch that the unrepining is sending. Through the non-verbals, the protect can gather scholarship which the unrepining wishes to screen such as misgiving and trouble through her collectiveness dialect (Stuart, 2009). Glasser (2003), emphasised on the significance to fulabated age coercion unrepining to report their quantity, in manage to be facultyful to assess the unrepining in profoundness.Post Natal Depression Subject Study Disquisition

Tackling the quantity
  • She does referpowerful relish her troubleer at the cece.
  • She misses is-sue and nurture (she was imbilife skill, her limp is guile)
  • She hates the view of graceful relish her dame
  • She hates the views that are obscuring her soul preventing her from possessing troubleer.

The protect went through the inventory of quantitys written by the unrepining and conjointly with Rachel she prepared to class them into categories. Induceing in soul that CIT explanation is supposing balance a poor equality of age, it is of unroot significance that the team harness the triceous quantitys which acscholarship prevented the unrepining from functioning normally and reaching a Crisis. Coercion induced quantitys, Rachel secure be referred to another team who can exhibit longer expression trouble.

The principal brace quantitys examiscarcity were the occurrence that she is listshort from is-sue and referpowerful attendant skill nurture at the cece. This occurrence is making her impress profitshort and desolate. She is referpowerful doing these lifes consequently she opines that if she set-on-foots to do lifes that she explanationd to possess, she secure failure her branch. This secure demonstrate her batter misgiving that she secure beconclude relish her dame conclude gentleman. This made it easier coercion the protect to scant the equality of quantitys consequently in abatederinsertion with Rachel they resolute to class liberal the three quantitys abateder single subjecting: misgiving of graceful relish mum. Rachel admitted that if she could be believing that she would be referablehing relish her dame she would impress short stressed.Post Natal Depression Subject Study Disquisition

The remedy quantity was her bizarre views which were persecuting her. During the principal discussion they examiscarcity at tediousness the effect of damageing her branch and what cetuity there was that she would veritably damage him. She to-bootk so plenteous trouble of her branch gsingle his origin three months since that it was referable attributable attributableiceablely unreasonserviceable that she would incessantly damage him. In truth she was caring liberalage coercion the branch, insertion trouble of him 24 hours a day and nincessantly leaving his border. Rachel’s boyfriobject immutpowerful the protect that she nincessantly left her branch unattended. He clear-uped that they were endance with her dame who to-bootk trouble of the lineage chores and gave them inferential subsistlihood whilst Rachel to-bootk trouble of her branch.

Behind examineing liberal this with Rachel it was concluded that what she was sensitiveness was disastrous, she obsolete her gaiety of endance. It was relevant coercion Rachel to sound to coerce her views and worries and to sound imbilife to command them extinguished. Principal she scarcitys to is-sue extinguished if the worries are baseed or referpowerful and when that solution is base she scarcitys to cull whether to disacscholarship or estimate them. The protect opted to is-sue with Rachel on the trudges of Truth/ Truth Speculation by Glasser to acceleration her subdue these misgivings.


The Truth Therapy/Cherished therapy.

William Glasser familiar Truth therapy practice tail in the sixties and it was fixed on unity speculation, (Zastrow, 2010). The latest brace decades Glasser referableed that his therapy nucleused further on rational behaviour, how can it be altered and reformd quantitative him to alter the cliberal of Truth Therapy to Cherished Therapy, (Wubbolding, 2013). The cherished speculation clear-ups how the troubleer of the identical is steadfast by the cherisheds he made. Incessantlyy identical has his perceptions encircling his/her truth of troubleer and according to Glasser the identical behaviour is in true strive to scant betwixt what we negligence and what we acscholarship (Zastrow, 2010 pg 491). The manage of the therapy is to acceleration and admonish identical to please the inner motivation and or basic exhalationaphysical scarcitys.

The Cherished therapy nucleuses on the basic scarcitys of the identical. Glasser (1996) clear-uped that the therapy emphasised the filthy basic exhalationaphysical scarcitys which intervening connected, faculty, insubservience and operation (Jong-un, 2007). Connected refers to rise and friends. Populace; with whom a peculiar can socialise, possess him/herself with, as courteous as impress prudenced-for. Faculty refers to the identical closements in troubleer such as achieving dreams and sensitiveness worthwhile. Having your acscholarship intervenience, acting independently, life autonomous and deciding coercion yourself covers the scarcity of insubservience. Whereas, operation scarcitys are ripe by food, friendly conformitys and shield. Sunich (2007) in his skillicle evidenced that Glasser wrote encircling five basic scarcitys and the singles mentioned aloft and adding fun.Post Natal Depression Subject Study Disquisition

Contrary to oral theories, the Truth Therapy promotes the fancy to nucleus on the ‘here and now’ and convert concentrating on the spent. The therapy is fixed on the unrepining’s secureingness to alter, demonstrate cherisheds, accept function and foundation commitment. Its manage is to assess and realize the unexhalation scarcitys of the unrepining exploring what behaviours they are displaying that either end or quarrel with them discussion their scarcitys (Sunich, 2007 pg.3).

Established the therapy with Rachel

The protect clear-uped how cherished therapy is-sues and Rachel agreed that she would relish to produce it a sound. The protect clear-uped that truth therapy is best summarized as WDEP which resources: negligenceing, doing, evaluation and projectning, (Cameron, 2013)

In Rachel’s attribute, it is relevant to nucleus on what she veritably Wants; she wished to secure relieve of her views and misgiving. It was clear-uped to her that she scarcitys to set-on-foot to imbibe to realize unrealistic views and imbibe to coerce them. Behind the quantity was clear the direct trudge acceptn was to beseech Rachel what she was Doing to sound and secure what she wished coercion. Rachel prepared to clear-up what she had been doing save Evaluating the attribute conjointly Rachel admitted that the course she had selected was referpowerful set-on-footed. Behind that Rachel and the protect agreed to sound and coercionmulate a newlightlight Project which secure acceleration Rachel fabricate her gaiety in troubleer tail,(Cameron, 2013) .Post Natal Depression Subject Study Disquisition

In the principal conference Rachel picturesquely herself as: “blocked in a ebon tunnel”, she was timorous to chat encircling her views consequently the protect government opine that she was “going idiotic”. save could impress that with the suitpowerful subsistlihood there is expectation coercion her complaint. The protect had to clear-up to Rachel that she should plug labelling herself as undistinguished and draw on how she was sensitiveness at that cece. Rachel admitted she was sensitiveness disastrous, and this was caused consequently the unrepining had plugped doing the lifes, she relishd to do so that she would be facultyful to draw on her son 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Although she knewlight that she was stagnant misgivingful of the view that she government damage the baby. The protect clear-uped that sensitiveness unauspicious coercion a debate is referpowerful life “crazy”; the relevant life is doing somelife encircling it to reform the attribute (Glasser, 2003).

The view that she government damage the baby was explored at tediousness. Rachel admitted that she nincessantly did anylife to damage her baby, she prudenced-guide him categorically, and she to-bootk trouble of his Adls. She nincessantly misses his enactment at the baby clinic where they settle that the baby is very heartinessy and this was settleed by Robert. The protect documented incessantlyylife they said on a page disconnected into brace shafts, labelled amipowerful trouble and failure Behind Rachel artistic, the protect handed her the disquisition and clear-uped to her what she had manufactured. Liberal the lifes Rachel had symmetrical were inventoryed abateder the amipowerful trouble shaft and the failure shaft remained leisure. Then the protect beseeched Rachel “Seeing this disquisition how plenteous are the cetuitys that you are failureing your son?” Rachel stared thunderstruck at the disquisition as she solutioned “none”, thus this demonstrates your view baseless. The protect clear-uped to Rachel scarcitys to imbibe to do this trailing each age she has a view so that she can realize if the view is realistic or regular an spurious single.

So they projectned Rachel’s homeis-sue until her direct conference which nucleused largely on realizeing the view and debateing it extinguished. Behind the principal conference she confessed that she felt amend; the misgiving that she was going idiotic base, she felt that she was referpowerful alsingle any further in her sombre tunnel and expectation was instilled.

Sessions went by and Rachel set-on-footed to imbibe how to coerce her views amend save choosing to disacscholarship them. She was amend save referpowerful amipowerful abundance so-far. Rachel had to set-on-foot to remain apractice from her son a stranger of hours so she has age coercion herself. It was the biggest trudge coercion her and as she picturesquely it as the most ulcerous save with the acceleration of Robert and their unabrupt families she set-on-footed to is-sue a stranger of hours a week. This made a powerful alter in Rachel’s temper and she set-on-footed to impress auspicious repeatedly. She set-on-footed to demonstrate friends and felt that she belonged in companionship afabricate and referpowerful absolute anymore.

“Enjoyment or supernatural heartiness is possessing the troubleer you are choosing to feed, secureting parallel courteous with the populace nigh and beloved to you, doing somelife with your troubleer you estimate is worthwhile, and referpowerful doing anylife to depose anysingle else of the selfselfconcordant cetuity coercion enjoyment you acknowledge” (Glasser, 2003 pg 7). Post Natal Depression Subject Study Disquisition

Problems exhalation during conferences.

Seeing the fiction in writing government contemplate as if it had been comfortable to encourage Rachel abundance to close end. It intervening filthy weeks of intensive counselling with brace projectned conferences a week and diverse phsingle calls from Rachel beseeching coercion subsistlihood and reassurance. This could be manufactured by praising Rachel coercion her sentences and actions.

There were ages that the unrepining had to be confronted encircling her sentence coercion model “you are opineing and stiff that your mum secure referpowerful be cappowerful to contemplate behind your baby. Did she semblance any signs of mistreating him or life sensible towards the baby? Are these regular your views tormenting you or there are occurrences which government carry you to opine that she is incappowerful of contemplateing behind him?” There are manifold authors who examine this course consequently of the aloft: they evidence that it is a harshly confronted hygienic admission towards the unrepining. Wubbolding and Brickell (2000), did referpowerful withhold it save emphasised the occurrence that truth therapy is a gently confronted admission. Glasser (2002), clear-uped evidently the consequences of swell-balanced venomous induce, which may prepare during truth therapy conference. These induce are criticising, blaming, irritable, nagging, unpromising punishing and bribing or rewarding to coerce, save they canreferpowerful be liberalowed in any conformity consequently they secure barely undo it (Sommers-Flanagan & Sommers-Flanagan, 2012).

There was single issue at the inception when Rachel entered the business-post unannounced contradiction and sobbing. She was so irremediable at that cece that she could referpowerful well-balanced chat. The protect waited coercion Rachel to soothe dacscholarship save each age she did and the protect beseeched her to chat Rachel objected up sobbing repeatedly. Behind further than half an hour, in a impressible save controlbidding expression the protect had to inform Rachel that she had to pronounce up if she negligenceed acceleration. The announcement government acscholarship sounded turbid and to-subdue save it was liberal encircling the truth of the attribute; Rachel abatederstood that and reached coercion a disquisition and with referable attributable attributableiceable unamenabley wrote what was troubling her. Sommers-Flanagan & Sommers-Flanagan (2012) agreed with other aloft authors who estimate that Truth therapy at ages is to-boot moral and government beconclude closely displeasing and unethical towards the unrepining. Post Natal Depression Subject Study Disquisition


Rachel set-on-footed to contemplate coercionward to her therapy conference; she is-sueed unfeeling on her quantitys, kept with the project and gradually she reached her end. Basic scholarship encircling the therapy accelerationed the protect induce the conferences save so made her assured of the scarcity coercion further intensive trailing (Sommers-Flanagan & Sommers-Flanagan, 2012). Post Natal Depression Subject Study Disquisition

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