Philosophy and Major Domains in Nursing Essay

Philosophy and Major Domains in Nursing Essay

Pursuing a nursing career is challenging and requires a profound understanding of the various concepts and scientific dogmas. It is a prosperous sphere that tends to evolve regularly due to the constant development of technology. The nursing philosophy and beliefs change for similar reasons. I am currently working in a hospital setting in Miami, and I want to share my understanding of nursing in this paper. It is vital to depict my assumptions, beliefs, and definitions of the major domains in the medical sphere. Finally, the conclusions are drawn to summarize the influence of these aspects on my vision, associated challenges, and goals.Philosophy and Major Domains in Nursing Essay

Definition of Nursing

Initially, the nursing domain can be defined as a pivotal sphere of a complex healthcare system that pertains to taking care of patients, promoting health, and preventing the development of illnesses (International Council of Nurses, 2016). It could be said that nurses tend not only to promote healthcare but also to take care of the patients who cannot do it due to the healthy reasons (Meleis, 2007). Based on the factors provided above, nursing is a critical part of the healthcare system, as it ensures a constant examination of patients and evaluates the effectiveness of the evidence-based practice. Thus, nursing’s pivotal role in the development of patient-centered care cannot be underestimated, as nursing is one of the links between the authorities of the medical institution and patients.Philosophy and Major Domains in Nursing Essay

Assumptions or Underlying Beliefs

Like any other professional sphere, nursing has its own commonly accepted values and beliefs. It is critical to identify that the majority of standards pertain to the ethical principles and focus on the concepts such as privacy, justice, and commitment (Shahriari, Mohammadi, Abbaszadeh, & Bahrami, 2013). In this case, most researchers highlight that one cannot underestimate human dignity when pursuing a nursing career. This value implies showing respect to the patient’s values and beliefs (Shahriari et al., 2013). At the same time, the nurse has to ensure privacy and prioritize patient-centered care in his/her practices.


The value of altruism and social justice cannot be underrated in the nursing career. In this case, social justice emphasizes the tenet of equality in healthcare (Shahriari et al., 2013). Cherishing this principle assists in eliminating the disparities among people from different ethnic and socioeconomic groups. Simultaneously, altruism implies taking care of others, being committed to the work, and provisioning one’s illness (Shahriari et al., 2013).

Finally, professional competencies, autonomy in decision-making, and the accuracy of diagnosis are critical aspects that form high-quality nursing practices. A nurse has to be responsible for his/her actions (Shahriari et al., 2013). At the same time, a nurse has to be able to have a sufficient set of theoretical knowledge and apply it in practice in healthcare settings (Shahriari et al., 2013). Consequently, paying attention to professional competences is critical in this career path.Philosophy and Major Domains in Nursing Essay

 Definitions and Examples of Major Domains

The primary domains in nursing include patient, environment, health, and nursing. Thus, each aspect is usually described based on the understanding of their meaning to the nursing theorist. However, generally speaking, a patient is an individual who receives healthcare services and has his/her set of beliefs and traits (Masters, 2011). For example, a Muslim 35-years-old woman visits the hospital with a backache. This illustration reflects that a patient has her own cultural identity, religious beliefs, and medical complaints.

In turn, ‘the environment can be defined as “all conditions, circumstances, and influences,” which affect an individual (Masters, 2011, p. 60). Simultaneously, other theorists divide factors into social, chemical, and physical (Masters, 2011). In the context of the presented example, the woman’s condition, background, hospital settings, and social position can be regarded as an example of the environment.

Furthermore, health is characterized by well-developed structures of the human body mentally and physically (Masters, 2011). In the case of the Muslim woman, her medical records and physical examination provide a clear image of her condition. Lastly, nursing is often regarded as the medical sphere, cultivating the principles of adaptation to the changing environment, and promoting healthcare (Masters, 2011). In the context of the presented case, the proposed medical treatment and having a conversation with a patient about her condition are examples of nursing practices.Philosophy and Major Domains in Nursing Essay


The analysis presented above has a clear impact on my understanding of nursing and my philosophy. This connection implies that these domains have to be treated equally. For instance, the patient’s health might be affected by environmental aspects, physical condition, medical interventions, and vice versa. Simultaneously, a nurse has to evaluate a combination of internal and external factors and apply a relevant set of treatments since it affects the perceived quality of healthcare.

This knowledge reveals the potential challenges of the nursing career. One of them is adapting to the constant changes in the environment and modifying nursing philosophy. In this case, a competent nurse must assess the condition of a patient and build a trusting relationship with him/her simultaneously. Thus, integrating the values of commitment, privacy, and human dignity is the major challenge.

As for the future of nursing, I believe that it will be highly computerized, as it implies taking advantage of the technological changes. This approach will ease the decision-making processes and the statement of the diagnosis. It might create difficulties in the privacy and confidentiality of stored information. The retrieval of data is possible, and this trend might develop in a positive direction in the recent future. Speaking of my professional development, I aim at the advancement of my theoretical and practical skills. However, at the same time, I would like to contribute to medical research and propose new approaches to evidence-based practice.Philosophy and Major Domains in Nursing Essay


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