Organizational Culture and Diversity Paper.

Organizational Culture and Diversity Paper.


1) i. How might a person’s level of cultural awareness, cultural safety, and cultural competence impact other people’s work role within their workplace and provide one example of a positive and one example of a negative impact?

ii) What description of the concepts of what cultural awareness, cultural safety and cultural competency are.

2) Explain the term diversity by giving a definition of what the concept might be.

3). Briefly explain the impact that community attitudes, workplace policies and government policies have had on our diverse Australian culture. (Conduct independent research)Organizational Culture and Diversity Paper.

The answer should include the following:

-community attitudes and how they have improved over time, due to migration including Western, Asian, refugees and the necessary acknowledgement of Aboriginal and Torres strait islanders.

-how different languages contribute to communication issues and how these might affect the attitudes of individuals.

4) i) Provide one example of where Australian diversity is managed well in the following 4 areas of work/life.

The answer should address the following:

ii) -Social -the management of migrants from different countries, where different culture or religious beliefs exist and perhaps health management.

iii) -Economic – the management of language barriers leading to limited job opportunities, job losses and the impact on financial stability, support for physical or emotional needs.

iv) -Cultural — impact on work relationships and productivity. Communities and workplaces making people aware of different cultures by having some programs for cultural acceptance at work.

v)-Political—an example of how government are supporting diversity to ensure people are safe at work.


5) Conduct independent research to explain what legal and ethical factors support working with diversity. How might an organisation or a nation manage these for their individual workers, how might they minimise any breaches of international, national, state/territory, local legal and ethical considerations. Organizational Culture and Diversity Paper.Reference the universal declaration of human rights

The answer should address the following:

i)       Prevention of discrimination?

ii)      Support for human rights?

iii)      Support for social justice?

iv)     Understanding to the appropriate relationship between human needs and human

rights ?

v)        Duty of care?

vi)        There rights and responsibilities of workers, employers and clients

vii)        Need for advocacy?

viii)      The need for appropriate action when right are being infringed or responsibilities

are not being carried out ?

x)        Rights and responsibilities of workers, employers and clients ?

6). There are key areas of diversity with characteristics to be taken into consideration with regards to legislative compliance and support for human rights.

List at least 6 for the key areas of diversity.Organizational Culture and Diversity Paper.

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