Nursing Conflict and Cooperation Essay

Nursing Conflict and Cooperation Essay

The efficient cooperation between all members of a team is a key to the improved final outcomes and significant increase of the overall efficiency of any collective. Especially important enhanced cooperation becomes in spheres where peoples lives depend on the ability to collaborate and provide in time assistance. These could be different rescue services, fire emergency services, and the healthcare sector. The last one becomes especially significant nowadays. The high level of expectations for the quality of the provided care and results contribute to the necessity of enhanced cooperation between health personnel. Under these conditions, conflict resolution skills become crucial as they provide solutions to any possible conflicts that might appear in the course of the cooperation between specialists who save peoples lives. The investigation of the major causes for the appearance of any conflict and basic concerns related to conflict resolution skills will help to improve the comprehending of this very topic and result in improved cooperation between all members of a team. The usage of real-life conflicts could also be considered a good practice as it helps to trace the evolution of numerous problematic issues that might appear when delivering health care and delegating duties. Considering the fact that any misunderstanding between health workers might have a pernicious impact on patients recovery, the ability to analyze the main grounds of the conflict and choose the most efficient solutions is crucial as it contributes to a speedy recovery.Nursing Conflict and Cooperation Essay

Thus, analyzing the working environment of a certain hospital, we are able to note the existence of a conflict between health workers. Two nurses obviously have some unresolved problem that affects their relations and results in the deteriorated teamwork and problems with the appropriate delivery of care. However, they try not to show the given issue and hide the altered attitude to each other. Considering the number of individuals involved in the given conflict and the character of relations, we could describe it as an interpersonal one which, however, might also grow into organizational one in case the situation is disregarded, and no solution is provided. Moreover, investigating the given issue, we could state that the appearance and evolution of the given conflict were inevitable because of the peculiarities of the environment in the given medical unit. For this reason, the comprehensive research of the main causes for the appearance of this very conflict is vital for the further evolution of the collective and creation of an appropriate solution that is needed to improve the atmosphere within the collective and contribute to its further enhancement. The given interpersonal conflict could also worsen the image of the given hospital and result in poor final outcomes. For this reason, the paper revolves around its investigation.Nursing Conflict and Cooperation Essay

Besides, when analyzing the functioning of the above-mentioned health-care unit, the unusual behavioral pattern explored by two nurses when communicating with each other was noted. They were over-polite and tried to seem natural. However, it was obvious that this approach is used to hide real feelings and not to let the situation explode. Having admitted the given feature, we devoted additional attention to the relations between these nurses, their cooperation when providing are to patients and communication. When looking at their work, the following situation was admitted. Both health workers provided care to a patient, observing the main indications, and examining a patient. The first one hereinafter referred to as Nurse 1, ordered the second one, hereinafter referred to as Nurse 2, to bring additional medical equipment needed to perform more comprehensive patients examination. Nurse 2 was outraged and unsatisfied with the given order; however, it was accomplished. Being a qualified specialist, she obviously did not want the patient to understood that the conflict existed between them. The most important factor is that both Nurse 2 and Nurse 1 have the same authorities, duties, and responsibilities. It means that they could not give orders to each other. Thus, the situation was not discussed when the patient had been examined. Later on, Nurse 2 gave a similar order to Nurse 1 to demonstrate her power and emphasize the fact that she also had the same authority. It is obvious that the conflict exists as these health specialists have problems with communication and are not able to make a compromise or determine the character of relations between them.Nursing Conflict and Cooperation Essay


To analyze the given conflict, we could explore the theoretical framework related to the conflict and skills needed to find an appropriate solution. Thus, according to Finkelman (2016), there are four main stages of the conflict. The first one is the latent conflict. It is characterized by the anticipation of the existence of problematic issues, competition for resources or unusual behavior. The main participants do not want other people to get to know about it and discuss any problems (Finkelman, 2016). Moreover, they also do not want any changes. Perceived conflict is another stage that requires the understanding of the fact that a problem exists. It is extremely important as the determination of the conflict and its character is a key to the creation of an efficient solution. The felt conflict could be observed when the main participants of any problematic situation acquire negative feelings like anger, hatred, anxiety, etc. (Finkelman, 2016). Nursing Conflict and Cooperation Essay. It is extremely important to admit this very stage as in case it is disregarded an outbreak of these feelings might happen, and individuals might suffer. Finally, there is a manifest conflict which could be either constructive or destructive (Halperin, 2014). However, in the majority of cases it is considered the final stage of the evolution of the problematic situation which might have a great pernicious impact on people involved in it. As for the above-mentioned conflict, we could state that it is in its latent stage as Nurse 1 and Nurse 2 struggle for resources and spheres of influence, trying to conceal their real feelings and behave in a usual way. There is no understanding that the conflict exists and it could really be dangerous for the hospital as the further evolution of the given issue could be predicted. It is also obvious that poor delegation is one of the main causes for the appearance of this conflict. Nurses do not have the clear understanding of their main duties and authorities. In case there is a clear hierarchy and a list of duties, specialists will hardly struggle for influence and try to suppress each other.Nursing Conflict and Cooperation Essay

Therefore, it is evident that the given conflict should be resolved using one of the efficient strategies suggested by specialists. First of all, negotiations could be used. All parties should be invited to communicate with each other and outline the most problematic issues that result in the appearance of tension in their relations. Moreover, collaboration is another strategy related to the negotiation process. Individuals involved in the conflict could be invited to work together to find the most appropriate solution. Compromise in another technique that could be explored to help to resolve any conflict (Halperin, 2014). One of the parties should accept suggested conditions to avoid the further deterioration of the situation and guarantee that the problematic issue will be eliminated. However, another party should also be ready to accept suggestions that come from the first one. Finally, accommodating presupposes that one individual will give an opponent everything he/she wants to avoid tension in relations (Harinck & Druckman, 2017). Revolving around the given case, we could state that negotiation and collaboration should be used as the main strategies to find an appropriate solution to the given conflict. Both nurses should be ready to communicate to each other and discuss all claims that appear in the course of their cooperation. Only under these conditions, they will be able to understand each other and find an appropriate solution. That is why a nurse leader as one of the most influential workers should be asked to invite these two nurses to negotiate and discuss the problem which impacts their efficiency and cooperation.Nursing Conflict and Cooperation Essay

 Altogether, having analyzed the given problematic situation, I could state the conflicts are an inevitable part of any sphere which presupposes interaction between people. They appear in the course of the cooperation as all individuals are different and have their unique vision of a certain situation, ambitions, expectations, etc. However, it is crucial to be able to determine the appearance of any conflict and be able to discuss it.

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