Mind, Body and Health Case Study Paper.

Mind, Body and Health Case Study Paper.

Behavioral issues my client wishes to change is being overweight and dealing with toxic stress.

Angelina Simpl’e Devion’airre is a 40 years young female of African American, British, and Native American descent who stands about 5’ 6” in height and weighs 160 pounds. She is a recent divorcee who raised 2 children whose current ages are 20 and 19. Mind, Body and Health Case Study Paper.She has been on her job for more than 20+ years, working 10-11 hours, 5 days a week, sometimes 6 days a week during the summer months, and a college student working on her master’s degree in science. Her current lifestyle can be sometimes very sedentary or highly active which is dependent upon a time but there is no consistency.

This paper will expand on the case study and theoretical applications you discussed in module 3 discussion (M3D1) In the paper you will incorporate evidence-based research and practices in the promotion of positive behavior change to a negative health behavior.

This 5 – 7 page paper, not including title page or reference page, is to include a minimum of 3 peer-reviewed journal articles, government and health organization research, literature and current texts/readings found in the Excelsior College library. Make sure to identify each section clearly.

Papers will be automatically processed through TurnItIn when you submit. The overall match can be no higher than 15%, with any one match no higher than 2%. It is important that you submit your paper early, allowing yourself the opportunity to correct any high matches in your paper. For further information read Assignment Guidance and Grading Information.

Assignment Instructions:

  1.  TITLE Page:  write a title that includes the benefit to the client or customer in the title.

Example: “Case Study: How an Experienced Marathoner Set a New Personal Best at Boston.”

See following link for APA format guide (Links to an external site.). (Links to an external site.)

  1.  Introductory Paragraph: Identify your client (case study from M3D1), what behavior is being addressed, and purpose of the paper.
  2.  Case Study: In 2 – 3 paragraphs (500 words), write an interesting story about your client. Include your client’s fictional name, age, sex, gender, lifestyle, when they first started the negative health behavior, reasons if any for this, and their current situation and goal(s). Describe how lifestyle, culture, diversity, and behavior decisions influence your client’s health behavior choice(s). (CO1 & 4) Mind, Body and Health Case Study Paper.
  3.  Current Situation vs Desired Outcome: Provide a clear description of the client’s problem.   Describe the desired outcome – what COULD be, compared to what IS. Explain why this matters to your client. (CO6)
  4.  Application of Theoretical Model: Select one of the following models. Briefly describe the components of the model and how it can be applied to your client. Describe how you would apply this model to address the specific aspects of your client’s health issue.  (CO3) Support your recommendations with references to theoretical framework, evidence based practices and other findings.


  • Ecological Perspective
  • Trans-theoretical Model
  • Health Belief Model
  • Self-determination theory
  1. Motivating Coaching Plan: Using the SMART approach to goal setting (refer to Chapter 5 of the text) create 2-5 motivational goals to assist your client to achieved their desired outcomes.  Support your recommendations with references to theories, evidence-based practices, and other findings in the research.(CO2, 5)
  2.  Concluding paragraph: Describe why you believe this approach would work. Discuss what you learned from this assignment and its importance based on the course outcomes

Suggestions for writing a case study using the SNACK/BITE/MEAL approach. By using this technique to build your paper it allows the paper to flow well.  Here is a brief example of this approach:

SNACK: a brief headline regarding your client: Laura sets a new personal best at Boston!

BITE: one or two sentences that summarize the content in this section:  Laura sets a new personal best at Boston, thanks to the pre-race checklist we developed and a balanced approach to fueling!

MEAL: a paragraph or two providing more detail for the seriously interested reader:  Laura sets a new personal best at Boston, thanks to the pre-race checklist we developed and a balanced approach to fueling! This was accomplished by zeroing in on these items during the six months leading up to the event. Two things really made the difference at Boston. Having a pre-race checklist, learning a relaxation technique, adding some protein and fat to the pre-race meal of pasta, and taking water every 30 minutes during the race. Mind, Body and Health Case Study Paper.

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