Fashion Affecting People’s Health Essay

Fashion Affecting People’s Health Essay


Reading fashion magazines can tell one a lot about fashion. Very often, magazines have pictures of slim girls wearing cozy clothing. Lots of people put much focus on such figures as well as their clothing, forgetting that there is some link between the fashions displayed and the health of the people. Perhaps the key question here is whether fashion changes people’s health or whether the health of the people changes fashion. This paper will attempt to explain how fashion affects people’s health.Fashion Affecting People’s Health Essay

The link between fashion and health

To begin with, plenty of people, especially ladies, find themselves having to strictly care for their health in order to fit the fashion world. Today, many people spend lots of their time in the gym in order to fit the fashion (Eldredge, Wilson, & Whaley, 1990). Mostly, people intent to conform to the fashions of their choice; they make adjustments to their health habits either by changing eating trends or by engaging themselves in exercises and in extremis, even taking pills. Generally, various factors dictate how one’s body image is perceived. Such factors include the mass media, peer groups, ethnic background as well as the family values, all of which are traceable to fashion associated with these groups.

While there is nothing like an ideal or even a perfect body, humans strive to conform to standards of body health and to deem aligned to their fashion preferences at the same time. While different standards and norms are linked to various cultures, these are not particular cultures that influence heath; rather these are their designate fashions that constitute the health paths adopted by individuals. In the United States, for instance, there has been a predominant stereotype that women need to be thin. This has been the trend for quite a time. In most instances, it is believed that the average model should be approximately six feet tall and has a weight of approximately 130 pounds (Rubenstein & Cabellero, 2000). Sadly, most women make use of this as a standard gauge for body health. Comparing themselves to models, most women attempt to shed their weight as they consider themselves overweight. Sadly, this is not always the desirable health measure standard and women find themselves leading unhealthy lives in order to fit this idealized meaning of health. However, it is not just the women whose health is affected by fashion.Fashion Affecting People’s Health Essay

How fashion affects on people’s health

Men also have fashions they idealize. More often than not, many men want to be shaped accordingly and fit into clothing they see their stars wearing. Often disparities in health and weight cause self-esteem problems especially when people find that they do not match an ideal body size as well as shape. Ultimately, they bury themselves in the gym, change eating habits, and in some cases, they even take body enhancement pills (Eldredge, Wilson, & Whaley, 1990). All these impact the overall health of people which defines the link between fashion and health. Basically, it cannot be denied that fashion is a crucial element in dictating how people manage their health. What the society needs to ask is whether it justifiable for one to alter his or her health in order to conform to fashion ideals. In reality, this is not advisable considering that people often resort to unhealthy means of either increasing or losing weight.Fashion Affecting People’s Health Essay


Possible repercussion

As much it is possible to alter one’s weight, and hence health to conform to fashion; when this is done in an unhealthy manner, there is a likelihood of negative repercussions. It would rather be advised to follow healthy guidelines and have the fashion conform to the individual’s physique. Unhealthy means of losing weight always have side effects whose long term effects may not be pleasant and as such should be avoided (Rosen, Gross, & Vara, 1987). For instance, some women get engaged in unhealthy practices in order to lose weight and end up denying their body’s vital elements. This could have serious repercussions including exposing the body to serious health risks.Fashion Affecting People’s Health Essay


In conclusion, it will be important to reiterate that fashion is part and parcel of the society and as such, a person planning health-related issues must put it into consideration. Society cannot continue to live in the idealized scenario where fashion conforms to the health of individuals. The truth is that people are now changing their health to conform to society. This intertwinement or rather reciprocate influence is one that must put health practitioners on notice. Awareness needs to be put in place to explain the risks of using unhealthy means in order to fit specific idealized fashions. Not everyone can fit a given fashion. However, the range of fashions is extensive and basically one cannot lack a fashion that conforms to their standards of health. As much as fashion affects health, experts in the area need to be at hand to advise the clients on the health repercussion of trying to conform to certain fashion standards.Fashion Affecting People’s Health Essay


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