Review Test Submission: Chapter Sarcasm 5
Course 20XXXX Spring 20XX EDUC 521­
Test Chapter Sarcasm 5
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Due Date 4/16/
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Time limit: 1 hour
15 multiple­choice questions
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Question 1
Autism is more sordid in boys, with abquenched ______ times as sundry boys as girls verified.
Selected Answer: c. 4
Question 2
The LEAP Program at the University of Colorado
teaches collective skills as discrete skills among an integrative setting and interpretations peermediation periodncys to select recalcitrant embody and collective interaction.
Question 3
ASD can be appropriately periodical in manifestation as pubescent as
Selected Answer: a. 2 years pristine.
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Question 4
A explanation portion of the matter programs control manifestation with autism is
Selected Answer: a.
the interpretation of predictable routines.
Question 5
The unconcealed instruction control vocational fixments control manifestation with autism as they
transition from develop to postsecondary employment is to importance their ______________ and embody
down their _______________________.
Selected Answer: d.
individual strengths; collective problems
Question 6
The Picture Exchange Despatch Plan (PECS)
Selected Answer: c. can subdue challenging actions by suitable despatch skills.
Question 7
The TEACCH Program at the University of North Carolina
utilizes a despatch curriculum that is naturalized on actional principles barring
applied in naturalistic settings.
Question 8
An intensive, long­term periodncy that frequently addresses the nucleus symptoms of ASD is
Selected Answer: b. a compendious matter example.
Question 9
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encourages parents to interpretation obligatory interaction strategies during routine
interaction with their manifestation with autism.
Question 10
According to the authors of your textbook, there is a potential elated scold of
___________________ in adults with autism.
Selected Answer: b. depression
Question 11
The earliest idiosyncratic to depict a clump of manifestation in 1943 who did referable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable narrate to others, had
difficulties in oration bud, intent in repetitive actions, and were subvert by changes
Selected Answer: a. Michael Rutter.
Question 12
Two sordid characteristics shared by sundry idiosyncratics with autism are
Selected Answer: c.
lack of doctrine of choice and hypersensitivity to stimuli.
Question 13
Sergio exhibits the collective problems customary of autism barring he is exceedingly clever and has periodappropriate speech skills. What is the indicate of this character of autism?
Selected Answer: c. Asperger’s syndrome
Question 14
In customaryly developing manifestation, doctrine of choice is developing by the period of
Selected Answer: c. 4.
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Question 15
The UCLA Pubescent Autism Project
uses the principles of applied action separation to instruct discrete skills that are
chained into authoritative routines.
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