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A case study refers to an academic paper describing a real life situation or problem that needs an analysis of the major issues involved. The discussion of these issues entails relating them to research findings on the topic of study as well as academic literature on the same. You are then expected to come up with conclusions dwelling on the reasons for the occurrence of the situation and recommendations to remedy them. In short, writing case studies involves applying the theoretical knowledge acquired from academic literature to examine real life situations in your field of study.

This might sound a bit too much work for you especially if you have never undertaken a grueling writing assignment. However, case studies can be quite a stroll so long as you understand the basics. First, you need to understand the two ways you can go about writing such an academic essay; the problem-oriented way and the analytical way.

A problem-oriented case-study assignment requires you to identify any major problems in the situation under analysis before suggesting a solution to remedy it. Tackling this kind of an assignment needs you to link your theoretical knowledge learned in class to the real life situation under analysis. The next step involves identifying the problems existent in the case before selecting the major ones. You can then come up with recommendations for solving these problems after which you can suggest the best one for implementation. You do not stop there – a detailed description of how the solution ought to be implemented will be required.

The analytical approach to a case study involves an examination of the case to understand what happened and the reasons precipitating its occurrence. Unlike the problem-oriented method, identification of major problems as well as making of recommendations is not mandatory. Both of these approaches to writing a case study have eight sections, which you must be cognizant of before sitting down to write. These include a synopsis or executive summary, introduction, findings, discussion, conclusion, recommendations, implementation (both applicable in the case of a problem-oriented approach) and references.

As you settle down to write, at the back of your mind should be the main issues identified in the case as well as the major stakeholders involved – those who have an interest in it. The introductory part of the case study should notify the reader of the main objective of the case study. To provide a context for this essay, you should also describe the case as well as the major problems or issues to be examined.

When working on the discussion section of the case study, you ought to tackle each of the issue identified one-by-one. Your research will come in handy at this stage as the information garnered from the literature you read will back up your analysis of the case. Depending on the assignment, you will need to outline the issue(s) identified and analyze their impact on or relationship to various people. By relating the theoretical knowledge to the case under study, you can then come up with suggestions or explanations for the occurrence of the issue.

Equally important to remember when writing a case study is the need to reference all literary works used in the paper. Proofread it before submission to weed out any grammatical, punctuation and spelling errors that may be present. These aforementioned pointers should get you started; you can also link up with us, a custom essays writing services company, to assist you and turn you in to a writing professional.

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