Case Study: End of Life Decisions

Contingency Study: End of Existence Decisions

George is a auspicious advocate in his mid-fifties. He is as-well a legislationful developman, possession a education shaft at the national university legislation develop in Oregon. George is as-well actively confused in his teenage son’s basketbentire confederation, coaching constantly ce their team. Recently, George has familiar muscle faintness and unresponsive muscle coordination. He was hardened to endeavor medical observation subjoined he bare and damaged his hip. Subjoined an demonstration at the national hospital subjoined his decline, the accompanying physician reported that George may be showing existing symptoms ce amyotrophic parallel sclerosis (ALS), a degenerative disclassify cecible the resolution cells in the brain and spinal sequence. The week subjoined the primal demonstration, exalt testing revealed a decisive singularity of ALS.

ALS is modifiable and spiritual causes motor neuron reward and muscle atrophy to the aim of thorough muscle curb mislaying. There is currently no recover ce ALS, and the median existence expectancy is among 3 and 4 years, though it is referable singular ce some to subsist 10 or further years. The modifiable muscle atrophy and reward of motor neurons leads to the mislaying of the restraintce to tell, change, munch, and murmur. However, seeing, reach, hearing, relish, and nidor are referable monstrous. Patients succeed be wheelchair jump and so-far insufficiency beaming ventilator help to aid with alert.

George and his race are devastated by the singularity. George recognizes that treatment options barely underfollow to inert down the degeneration, excepting the symptoms succeed so-far conclude. He succeed so-far be wheelchair jump and be disqualified to change, munch, tell, or uniform murmur on his own.

In contemplating his advenient existence with ALS, George begins to horror the field of losing his mobility and uniform address. He imagines his existence in thorough trust upon others ce basic unamazed functions and perceives the possibility of so-far degenerating to the aim at which he is a prisoner in his own collection. Would he be succeeding to sustain such racking, such mislaying of his own propriety and command? George thus begins peering environing the possibility of free euthanasia.

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