Business Management and Organizational Competency Essay.

Business Management and Organizational Competency Essay.


Identify appropriate management practices that enable an enterprise to demonstrate its superior commitment to exceptional standards.


A local sports star has hired T&G Consulting for some advice, and you have been assigned to the project. This athlete is in need of a consulting firm because he wants to start a sports business and ensure there is no employment discrimination in his organization’s hiring practices. He intends to send out a press release soon, and he wants to communicate a pro-active recruitment plan.

You overhear a coworker of yours who is also working on the project say, “This is not an issue. He is so well-known, everyone will want to work for him. He doesn’t need a plan for a diverse and discrimination-free work environment.”Business Management and Organizational Competency Essay.

Part 1: You recognize that your coworker is mistaken. Compose an email to your coworker to explain why a diverse and discrimination-free work environment is such an important issue, describing legislation enacted by Congress to make employment discrimination illegal. Here is a library resource for help writing a professional emails.

Part 2: Your client wants to ensure that all employees know he is committed to a diverse and discrimination-free work environment. Design a code of ethics in regard to hiring practices for his new business, offering specific details.

Part 3: Write a brief report on the various ways to create a diverse and discrimination-free work environment. Clearly outline your recommended strategy. Describe what is expected from management as role models.


Part 1

You recognize that your coworker is mistaken. Compose an email to your coworker to explain why a diverse and discrimination-free work environment is such an important issue, describing legislation enacted by Congress to make employment discrimination illegal. Here is a library resource for help writing professional emails.


From ……………………….

To …………………..

Subject: Appropriate Management and Ethical Guidelines in Work Standard

Greetings of the day; I hope that this mail gets you well.  As you are aware, we are operating in an organization that has strict adherence to work policy and standards.  The Code of ethics, in this case, has always served the business purpose of attaining a sustainable and effective scope in customer preference.  Business Management and Organizational Competency Essay.Currently, we are working on a local sports star who wants to come up with a company, and various factors need to be put in place.  Io intends to bring in your indulgence the process of attaining the best employees in the extensive scope of application should always be free and fair. As you are aware, the process of getting employees should reflect the loyalty of the management. It’s, therefore, essential to have a diversified center that is free from any form of discrimination.

It’s very critical to observe a high degree of ethical behavior and to enact processes of having a professional overview issue.  This factor will enable the company to attain the scope of the sustainable team that will play a significant role in driving the organization in the right way.  Besides that, the entrepreneur is in the public domain.  In this sense, any case of gross misconduct and undermine of the company establishment Act will damage the owner’s reputation and more develop a negative perception of the forecasted business.  I want to draw your attention to the corporate United States law, companies Act, and secure exchange that has been recently amended in 2002.

Those laws, as mentioned above, were formed by Congress and have strictly established a legal framework on business formation, management, and legal procedures of closure and essential ways of curbing discrimination. The human right and labors Act has clearly stated that employee discriminates illegal and has law consequences.  Establishing positive and productive business environs requires a professional overview of job capacity, employees, and well managed public relations. Following policies and procedures will. Therefore, a free discrimination working environment, maintains the right image, keeps customers, and reduces the rate of employee turnovers.  Lastly, business and corporate organizations are managed by the federate law; it’s of great importance when the whole process follows the legal system to avoid a legal confrontation.

Best regards

Name……………….. (Friends name)


Part 2

 Your client wants to ensure that all employees know he is committed to a diverse and discrimination-free work environment. This document is designing a code of ethics regarding hiring practices for his new business, offering specific details.




Disclaimer– the company is established under all business Acts, policies, and all associated provisions.  Its operation shall and will always follow a setoff guideline for uniformity and incivility.  The approved employee should, therefore, remain loyal and submissive to the executive and management staff. Those who assume the office should follow the outline of this document strictly.

Considerate and conflict of interest

All the company personnel working in the various departments are expected to use their judgment to act, at all times and in all ways, I the best interest of the company. As such, employees should attempt to avoid an actual or apparent conflict of interest. In this case, gross misconduct and breach of this policy will promptly call the indulgence of conflict committee, and determination will be arrived at.

  • Potential conflict and mindful cause of interest include and not limited to
  • Outside business and consulting enjoyment without the office assurance
  • Service onboard and external investigation before management disclosure
  • Corporate business opportunity
  • Corporate opportunity, gifts, and indulgence in an unlawful relationship that can tarnish the business name. Business Management and Organizational Competency Essay.

Inclusive and respect

This company welcomes support from all backgrounds and identities to effectively enhance the quality services that we offer.  This inclusivity includes and not limited to race, culture, religion, family background, educational level, physical disability, or political affiliation.

The company clauses and policies must be followed. Nevertheless, we shall not agree all the time. Discussions of lustration will not be raised on personal attacks. Unconformable Act my management and threat that may hinder pour performance should be filed to the compliance office using the right channel of communication.

Harassment and communication

The management recommends that the process of communication should not be sabotaged. About your letter of appointment, it gives procedures of communication, and in this case, it’s not exceptional. Harassment is against the law, and it shall not be encouraged by all means. Elements in this case include :

  • Threats of violence
  • Obese language
  • I am sharing sexually explicit or violent material via an organizational network protocol.
  • Personal insults, especially those using racist or sexist terms.
  • Expressions and Unwelcome sexual attention in the working environment.
  • Advocating for, or encouraging, any of the above behavior


Data confidentiality essential information

The company encourages personal responsibility for data and organizational information.  The use of the network has and must always be authenticated by the company’s data manager and controller of the system.

Compliance with the law

The company is commented to following all the law that has been set and so is our employee.  Strict measures will be taken to all who will not adhere to the provision that has been stated in the security policy of the company.

Weaknesses to strength

The company remains committed I establishing innovation and invention in the company. Employees are encouraged to use critical thinking and problem-solving measures within the spectrum of ethical provision and organizational viewpoint.

Part 3

Write a brief report on the various ways to create a diverse and discrimination-free work environment. Clearly outline your recommended strategy. Describe what is expected from management as role models.

The world of work is changing with time.  Companies and businesses should, therefore, ensure and promote a conducive environment free from discrimination.  Human resources managers and compliance officials have a significant role in eliminating bias.    They research deeply on the federal non-discrimination law of the land, which includes title VII of the civil rights Act of 1964.  Besides that, management should take serious action to all those who breach laws that have been formulated, especially the America disability Act and equal pay of 1963. Managers, supervisors, and all officer bearers should engage in candid communication, which will provide equal opportunity. It is also necessary to have complained and suggesting a response plan, which effectively handles cases of discrimination.  Training programs and circular should be prepared on the same topic.  The management should introduce constant auditing processes and annual conferences and make it a norm to strictly obey regulations that have been set aside (Robinson, 2013).  Work policy and Code of conduct should be published and given to all staff members on the merit of their office destination. It should be subjected to review and integrate new approaches that are popping up.



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Business Management and Organizational Competency Essay.

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